Terms and Conditions

Hi, Sup? I’m the Shabby Habit terms and conditions page. I’m pretty boring, like, you don’t really want to be sat next to me at a dinner party, but you’d feel safe in my presence on an otherwise deserted last train home. Also I’m full of useful information, so read me carefully. By purchasing anything from the Shabby Habit site you agree to be bound by what is set out below. Also I’m subject to change, so stay in touch. Sadly, if you disagree with anything here, you should not use this website.


All Shabby Habit products are made to order, this means that the time taken for your order to reach you may be fairly variable. The shabby Habit team will endeavour to make your product on the day that you order it and send it out in the next day’s first class post; however, in cases where we are ourselves waiting on deliveries of t-shirt and paper stock, this may be impossible. You will be kept updated on the process of your order, receiving a notification when the item has been sent. Deliveries may take up to a week, but in all likelihood will arrive within 3-4 days of placing the order.


All payments are dealt with through PayPal, who take about 60p for every t-shirt that you buy. I’m not too pleased about that, so I figure for giving them this money if anything goes wrong with payment it’s probably their fault. Rain your hell down on them. (Nothing can go wrong that I can foresee so this is all fine).


Due to the small, intimate nature of Shabby Habit, we cannot afford to accept returns on any product for any reason other than the product’s defective nature. A product does not count as defective if it has been washed in any other way than that outlined in the product care section on this website. Sorry about that. I hope we can still be friends. It’s just that we are very poor.

Product Information

All pictures of our products on this site endeavour to be as accurate to the actual product as possible, in terms of colour and fit; however, we cannot guarantee, based on what crazy colour settings you might have on your monitor, or what shape your torso is, that our product will look exactly the same on you as on our models. Similarly the method of our printing makes every t-shirt unique in terms of slight colour alterations and the exact location of the print on the t-shirt. It’s part of our charm.
We have measured and double measured our products to ensure the sizing is accurate. We reserve the right to refuse orders if any product information has been mispublished (including price), and will endeavour to fix the information as soon as possible.


The designer of each product is stated on each product information page. They own the right to their designs, so do not reproduce them without their direct permission. Any images not expressly linked to a designer should be assumed to be owned by Shabby Habit, these include the main website banner, and any on location images.

Other Information

From time to time this website may include links to other sites run by our friends and partners. These websites will always be cool, however Shabby Habit cannot be held responsible for their content if something goes wrong.