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It’s a sad day in the Shabby Habit offices (all 19,000 square feet of them at the top of the shard). 2013 looks to be a year of growing up and dreams dying. This starts now I’m afraid. As of this morning I’ve set all the stock on the website to zero. I’m leaving the site itself up (as a historical curiosity piece) but you won’t be able to order off it for the foreseeable future. Lame, I know. But we’ve had a good run. If anyone is desperate for an order between now and Saturday the 5th of January, drop me an email (At guy@shabbyhabit.com) and I’ll see if I can get it sent out to you, but after that i’m moving to a monastery to think about my feelings, then fleeing the country. So that’ll be that.  

All that’s left to do now is the thank yous. First and foremost we couldn’t have done anything without Alexander Dudok De Wit, who set up the website back at the end of July. It took ages. But it looks sick. Thanks as well must go to all the models who gave up their time to hang out and look adorable in the dodgy studio I set up in my parent’s living room in Tunbridge Wells, or the one in Luke’s apartment on the Pembury Estate in Hackney (Shabby Habit’s home for the first couple of months before we upgraded to our offices in the shard). Thanks to the team at Music Broke My Bones (Will, Will and Joseph) for letting us piggy back of their fame and undying resolve and for name dropping us in the Guardian. That was pretty cool. Finally thanks to everyone who bought a Shabby. You kept us going as long as you did. When we are all famous I’m gonna throw you a sick party. Kanye will be there with his teenage kid.

cya later.

Love from Alex & Guy 

Shabby Habit are a fashion collective providing a platform for young artists to get their work on people’s chests.

Follow us on Twitter @ShabbyHabit.

We design and manufacture t-shirts in a small room, offering an intimate alternative to the crowded high street chains.

Want to advertise your love for a deer called Oliver? Or perhaps you want to see your favourite Arctic explorers in new and provocative surroundings. Shabby Habit has just what you need, with original illustrations and collages from Alex Collcutt and Guy Tonkin.

From a modest set up Alex and Guy create personal, made to order t-shirts that also offer a platform for talented new artists and illustrators to showcase their work, so don’t be afraid to get in contact with us at social@shabbyhabit.com if you are interested in working with us.

Shabby Habit are proud to supply t-shirts from Joseph McCarthy, the in house artist for supercool music blog Music Broke My Bones. Check out his artwork (and some fly music journalism) at www.musicbrokemybones.co.uk.

Stay tuned for new news of upcoming artists and designs!

Look out for total world shabdomination.

Also, tote bags.

Lots of love, the Shabby team.